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Out With the Old

From the world's largest theme park in New Jersey to Singapore's Dr. Seussian gardens to Pablo Picasso's long-awaited return to Paris, here are 25 new things to see and do this year (with places to stay while you're doing them)

1. SAN FRANCISCO: Fog Lights

A 75th anniversary traditionally calls for diamonds, but the city of San Francisco is giving the Bay Bridge something with a lot more sparkle: 25,000 LEDs. Aligned along the bridge’s vertical cables, these will form a mesmerizing light sculpture designed by Leo Villareal, a pioneer of illuminated art. The gift is a little late in arriving, as the bridge’s 75th anniversary was in 2011 (there were delays in the sculpture’s assembly). No matter: When the switch is flipped in early March and the 1.8 miles of lights begin dancing over San Francisco Bay, the wait will have been well worth it.

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