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This Month’s Hottest Hotels

From Montana to Mexico, we round up the world's most notable overnights

Riviera Maya, Mexico

DESIGN NOTES: The lobby is a rustic, candle-lit, open-plan affair with Mayan and Asian accents, beyond which lies an infinity pool and one of the most glorious ocean vistas imaginable. Red and blue macaws stroll freely nearby, and often play a game of call-and-response with guests at afternoon tea.

IDEAL GUEST: Anyone who wants a little Zen in a Mexican retreat. Zoëtry promises to help you “escape, energize and enrich,” which it does through a combination of lovely oceanfront scenery and spa treatments that go far beyond the norm (the ancient Mayan massage, for instance, or the shaman who does some splendid things with steam and herbal essences).

AMAZING AMENITY: The Thalasso Center—specifically, the center’s salt water pool. Even in a place where exotic treatments abound, the Janzu stands out: Part acrobatic demonstration, part massage, the treatment consists of a skilled practitioner floating, flipping and flexing his clients in water, an experience that’s said to leave them feeling reborn.

UNEXPECTED TREAT: Guests receive a handwoven grass beach bag, a bottle of tequila and a fresh fruit basket. The best perk by far, though, is the complimentary sunset sail on La Bonita, a private catamaran upon which you are invited to drift aimlessly along the stunning coastline, refreshment in hand.

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