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Barbecued Sauce

A Nashville bar spices up a Tennessee classic

THERE ARE FEW MIXED DRINKS more iconic than the Jack and Coke, meant to be sipped on the kinds of weathered, unassuming porches that line Tennessee’s back roads, rack of ribs smoking away over the railing. The Patterson House (above), a Nashville watering hole with just that sort of porch, adds a dash of hickory flavor to the beverage by smoking the cola in a smokehouse before adding the whiskey. We asked bartender Toby Maloney how to make it ourselves.

Hickory-Smoked Jack and Coke

2 oz. Jack Daniel’s whiskey
6 oz. Coca-Cola
Handheld cold smoker (like PolyScience’s The Smoking Gun)
Hickory chips
Lemon wedge

1. Pour the Coke into a mixing glass. Fill the smoker with hickory chips. Hold the smoker above the glass and put its tube as far down into the soda as possible. Light the chips and allow the smoke to bubble up through the liquid, stirring with a spoon to blend the flavors.

2. Pour Jack Daniel’s over ice, top with smoked Coke, and stir to combine. Garnish with a lemon wedge.

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