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Let it Slide

Gear and togs for making the most of snow days

Author Jacqueline Detwiler

Cold-weather toys to amp up your snow days

1. Though the oft-repeated saying “Eskimos have a hundred words for snow” is sadly more fable than fact, there really are quite a few types of the white stuff. These MTN Series step-in snowshoes from Kahtoola—with removable eight-point trail crampons—make short work of most of them. 24-inch, $279; 28-inch, $289 / kahtoola.com

2. The only vacation yarn more fib-fraught than the big fish story is the big snow story. Hook JVC’s freezeproof, shockproof, Wi-Fi-enabled Adixxion action camcorder up to your helmet and you’ll have all the evidence you need when your doubting-Thomas friends splutter, “Powder drifts as high as houses, eh?” $350 / jvc.com

3. Adventure optics firm Smith spends more time thinking about fog than anyone short of San Francisco Bay boat captains. Its Virtue women’s goggles have an etched-in 5X anti-fog inner lens that resists the great white blindfold up to four times longer than standard anti-fog coatings. $110; mirrored, $140; polarchromic, $170 / smithoptics.com

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