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This Month’s Hottest Hotels

From Paris to Sedona, your best bets for overnighting in style


BACKSTORY: In 2010, a brother-and-sister team transformed a classic Parisian apartment building into a rather odd blend of hotel and literary shrine. You won’t find numbers on the doors; instead, each of the 26 rooms is named after a famous writer—from Proust to Tolstoy—with fragments of his or her work inscribed on the walls.

DESIGN NOTES: Didier Benderli’s interior combines classic and ultramodern lines and color schemes. In some places that means battleship gray and razor edges, and in others deep orange and slow, sexy curves. And with each room drawing inspiration from a unique author, no two setups are exactly alike.

ROOM WITH A VIEW: Take one of “Les Romantiques,” the junior suites, which share an absurdly appropriate Parisian vista: waves of rooftops in the foreground, the Eiffel Tower beyond.

UNEXPECTED TREAT: In keeping with the literary theme, each room comes equipped with an iPad loaded with, among other things, books by the hotel’s spotlighted wordsmiths.

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