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This Month’s Hottest Hotels

From Manila to Manhattan, we check out where to check in


WHAT’S NEW: Last month, almost exactly one year after its flagship restaurant, Spiral, was ravaged by a storm surge, the hotel unveiled a multimillion-dollar renovation of the eatery, which promises to “revolutionize the art of interactive dining.”

DESIGN NOTES: The lobby resembles nothing so much as a traveler’s fever dream. Cheerful staff members greet guests in French and Filipino (“Bonjour, mabuhay!”) against a backdrop of modern Asian (read: Chinese) interior design.

ROOM WITH A VIEW: The balconies of the southwest rooms provide ravishing, wish-you-were-here vistas of Manila Bay’s legendary sunset, the inspiration for a thousand cocktails.

AMAZING AMENITIES: The Imperial Residence is a self-contained cluster of luxury suites that includes one large enough to accommodate (as it did in July) a concert by members of the Manila Symphony Orchestra.

UNEXPECTED TREAT: The hotel makes good use of the succulent Philippine mango, presenting it in a bevy of delectables: mango balls, slivers of dried mango, mango pastries and, if they really like you, mango rum liqueur.

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