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The Month Ahead

What to see, read and listen to in October

A deluxe edition of The Annotated Brothers Grimm comes out this month, right on schedule for the 200th anniversary of the stories’ original publication (and Halloween). Today, though, you’re more likely to find grownups reading these tales than kids—who by now have their own, less macabre versions.

Original: The wolf stalks Red, swallows and impersonates her grandmother, and consumes the girl herself before being cut open by a huntsman, who fills the animal’s belly with stones.
Update: In a 2002 version published by Brighter Child, the wolf locks Granny in a closet and awaits Red’s arrival. When she shows up and confronts him, the wolf leaps out the window and runs away. Granny and Red enjoy a nice picnic.

Original: Abandoned in the woods by their parents, the two siblings come across a house made of cake. A hag lures them in, locks Hansel in a cage and enslaves Gretel. Just as she and her brother are about to be eaten, Gretel pushes the hag into an oven.
Update: A 1960 “Fractured Fairy Tales” cartoon has the two kids strolling into the woods and encountering a house made of cake. The witch inside has no powers other than an ability to turn them into aardvarks. Attempting to ride a broomstick, she loses control and ends up orbiting Earth forever.

Original: A prince goes in search of the beauty who fled his ball, leaving only a gold slipper. Her horrible stepsisters cut off bits of their feet to make the shoe fit. The prince rejects their ruse and weds Cinderella; birds peck out the stepsisters’ eyes.
Update: As recounted by the website Speakaboos, Cinderella flees the ball at midnight (when the outfit magicked up by her fairy godmother is set to vanish), leaving behind a glass slipper. The shoe fits Cinderella and she marries the prince. Her stepsisters apologize for being horrible. Everyone hugs.

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With an expanded festival, Newark stakes its claim on the art world

Think of the world’s great art cities. Paris and New York. Berlin and Mexico City. Are you imagining Newark, N.J.? You should be. This month, after expanding its annual Open Doors Studio Tour from four to 17 days, the city is expecting close to 30,000 visitors for Newark Arts Month. In addition to studio and gallery shows, this year’s event includes pop-up exhibits, a parade and an arts and crafts festival. And in case you thought the Garden State’s musical contributions were limited to blue-collar rock, there’s also a jazz festival dedicated to legendary Newark jazz musician James Moody (plus a poetry fest for all you lyricists). Finally, there’s the Quarter-Mile Print project, in which artists, gallerists and others will create and print an enormous artwork with the help of an adapted steamroller. OCT. 5

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MOVIES Taken 2, in which tough-guy Bryan Mills (Liam Neeson) is rescued by his daughter (Maggie Grace), who’s presumably returning the favor from Taken
The Big Wedding, a chaotic romantic comedy starring, yes, Robert De Niro

BOOKS The Fifty Year Sword, a re-release of Mark Z. Danielewski’s 2005 avant-garde thriller
// Weird Al: The Book, the life story of Weird Al Yankovic: The Funnyman

MUSIC Unfinished Business, First Lady of Rockabilly Wanda Jackson’s post-comeback-album album
Monster, the 20th studio album from schlock-rock veterans Kiss

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