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Speed Demon

The latest must-have toys, gear and garb

Author Jacqueline Detwiler Photography Brian Klutch

Roughed-up leather to help polish any man’s image

• Many motorcycle jackets can give you that coveted girls-fainting-in-the-front-row-at-a-rock-concert vibe. Yves Saint Laurent’s feather-light leather biker jacket can give you that coveted rock-stars-fainting-in-the-front-row-at-a-rock-concert vibe. $4,550 / www.mrporter.com

• The Frye Company has been making sturdy leather work boots for 150 years, and unbelievably cool ones for at least 149. Throw on these Fulton lace-ups with a pair of skinny jeans and get thee to a dive bar. $228 / www.thefryecompany.com

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