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A Plan for All Seasons

The advantages of going somewhere during the off-season are simple—better deals, smaller crowds —and they derive from the premise that off-peak travel must involve lowered expectations and certain compromises. A few rare places, however, hold hidden allure in the quiet months: castles on a rainy day, fishing-boat fairy lights, the braying of amorous penguins. As local experts make clear in the following year-round selection, you don't need to go peak to hit the heights.

Winter Park, Colo.

This resort is a ski bum’s paradise when covered in the white stuff, with great trails, sunny skies and lots of off-piste adventures. But for local mountain bike champ Ross Schnell, these same slopes make Winter Park an ideal warm-weather destination.

“It’s a wonderful vibe up here. Trestle Bike Park offers such a dichotomous selection of terrain: on any given day, you can see pro downhillers training and a family of four riding one of the green runs. It’s the kind of place everyone can enjoy.

“My favorite section is the Rainmaker trail. It’s a jump trail with nice, sweeping turns and perfectly sculpted jumps. It just flows. The whole trail feels good, top to bottom. So does a pint from The Cheeky Monk, a Belgian beer bar at the base.”

One Response to “A Plan for All Seasons”

  1. Sydney Says:
    December 6th, 2012 at 8:39 pm

    Port De Grave, my hometown! So many wonderful childhood memories, and my favorite of all was the first boat lighting, the whole community was in awe. Love that our tradition has become so well known!!

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