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Legos take a turn for the majestic

In the midst of this year’s celebrations for Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee, a crowd gathered a few miles from Windsor Castle to jostle for a glimpse of the British monarch, resplendent in a white gown with blue sash and a bejeweled crown that would have been a choking hazard for anyone under 3.

Made entirely out of Legos, the queen herself stood less than 4 inches tall, part of the Buckingham Palace display at Legoland U.K. While a version of Her Mini Majesty will remain at the park in perpetuity, the crown—bearing 48 “good-quality” diamonds—has since been removed (as has the security guard watching over it).

“Amazing what they can do with a few plastic blocks,” said a man waiting in line for a nearby boat ride. A boy at his side pointed out a full-size Lego lifesaver. “Uh,” the man said. “Try not to fall in.” —CHRIS WRIGHT

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