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Let the Games Begin

The athletes, the venues, the medals, the odds, the styles and everything else you need to know about the London 2012 Olympic Games


Inside the opening ceremony

AFTER THE BEIJING GAMES, in which 14,000 performers moved simultaneously to the beat of 2,008 drummers and the booming of 30,000 fireworks, you might have forgiven the London organizers if they’d simply decided to have Daniel Radcliffe fly in on a broom, light the torch and call it a night. Luckily, that appears not to be the case.

While much of the plan remains under wraps, here’s what we do know: The artistic director for the ceremony is Slumdog Millionaire director Danny Boyle, who will be working alongside Billy Elliot director Stephen Daldry, Mark Fisher (production designer/architect for Pink Floyd’s The Wall show and every U2 concert since 1992) and live-TV director Hamish Hamilton, who this year helmed both the Super Bowl halftime show and the Academy Awards. The ceremony will be called “The Isles of Wonder,” and include a short film starring Daniel Craig as James Bond.

So, with a budget that was recently doubled to nearly £80 million, it appears London is going to at least try to give Beijing a run for its money. (Though, admittedly, some flying brooms would be cool!)

Team USA has turned again to Ralph Lauren for sartorial assistance. We take a peek at two of the designer’s looks for London.

OLYMPIC VILLAGE: A modern update on vintage motifs inspired by the London 1948 Olympic Games. Both men and women will be in red, white and blue polos with the RL Big Pony logo and the Team USA logo on the chest, paired with white slim-fit shorts or pants and finished off with red, white and blue ribbon belts. Women also have the option of a polo dress.

CLOSING CEREMONY: Men will wear white cotton shirts with the Big Pony and team logos and pleated white trousers; women will don crisp white blouses, midi skirts and scarves designed to match the necktie-silk belts in red, white and blue repp-stripe that both sexes will wear. All will sport white newsie caps.

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