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Belle on Wheels

Get into the swing of summer with retro-chic sporting gear


Up your game with vintage-style sports equipment

1. Squats are a necessary evil if you want tree-trunk legs like The Hulk’s. Use this custom-made Lineaus squat bar with an oiled-leather grip, and you’ll be muttering, “You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry!” in no time.
$525 / www.lineausathletic.com

2 Kindergarten inventor Fried-rich Froebel would have loved Leather Head’s Chromexcel medicine ball. He once wrote that “the ball … leads to the consideration of the most important phenomena of nature.” Also: huge biceps.
$275 / www.leatherheadsports.com

3 The Youtek IG Prestige Pro, the latest from Head’s vaunted Prestige line (favored by Swedish powerhouse Robin Söderling), has an open string pattern and an extra-long leather-wrapped grip for two-handed players.
$225 / www.head.com

4 Just imagine the faces of the ladies at the tennis club when you stroll past them with Cortiglia’s Italian-made, Euro-retro Sonoma tennis bag. Buffy? Buffy?! Are you coming, or are you going to stare all day?
$425 / www.cortiglia.com

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