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Food With Flair

Enhanced premium-cabin dining options

BEGINNING JUNE 1, United is making a significant investment in onboard dining by introducing new menu options in our United Global First and United BusinessFirst cabins on international flights. The changes come after many months of study, taste-testing sessions by expert panels and menu design input from our Congress of Chefs. Our goal is to deliver an enhanced, consistent experience for customers while still offering a variety of options. At United, we are building the world’s leading airline, and these dining enhancements are aimed at providing our customers a great inflight experience with more of what they want.

Each month, our customers will be offered their choice of four high-quality, restaurant-style entrées, including a selection of beef, chicken, fish and vegetarian-style pasta. To give customers even more variety, we will be rotating our menu options more frequently throughout the year.

United Global First customers will dine on multiple courses served from an elegant presentation cart, gourmet soups with garnishes, and indulgent petit fours. United BusinessFirst customers will also enjoy an elegant primary meal cart service.

Customers who already enjoy the dining options available in our premium cabins will be pleased to know that not everything is changing. We will continue offering freshly prepared salads and made-to-order ice cream sundaes with a choice of six toppings. Also still available are our signature warm nuts accompanied by your favorite premium spirit or specialty beer, or a glass of one of our award-winning wines.

Premium after-dinner liqueurs, world-class port wine and freshly brewed coffee will complete a memorable dining experience for even the most discerning palate.

Printed menus onboard will provide flexible dining options, allowing customers the chance to create a palate-pleasing experience that’s all their own.

To learn more about dining options available on United and United Express, please navigate to the Inflight Services section under the Travel Information tab on www.united.com.


With Captain Mike Bowers

Q: Aside from the skill of the pilot, what keeps a plane from sliding when landing on a runway that’s wet from rain or snow?
A: The aircraft itself provides some help. All of our planes are equipped with an anti-skid system that senses when a wheel stops rotating and automatically releases the brake pressure from it. We also have autobrakes, which allow a pilot to select the desired amount of deceleration for each landing. Additionally, there are “ground spoilers” — large panels on the top of the wing — that rise up on touchdown, taking lift away from the wing and placing more weight on the tires to increase the traction. Throughout the landing, of course, the pilot is controlling the direction of the aircraft by using the foot pedals to adjust the tail rudders, as well as determining the level of automation required to keep the plane safely on the centerline of the runway regardless of the weather conditions.

Do you have a question for Captain Bowers? Write him at askthepilot@united.com.

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