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When it rains, it pours

Rain gear that weathers a downpour with panache

Author Jacqueline Detwiler Photography Lisa Shin

Splashy umbrellas provide color therapy for dingy days

Bad weather is beyond human control, but you know what isn’t? Flocks of gloomy black bumbershoots jostling one another over a field of wet concrete. Imagine if everyone were instead carrying bright red umbrellas decorated with giant dahlias, like this Pasotti Ombrelli number (top). Ah, that’s better. $180 / www.pasottiombrelli.com

While many luxury umbrellas return to hardy woods for classic appeal, Davek has integrated technology with tradition. In its Elite line (middle), a flexible “wind-tension system” of ribs leads into a fiberglass shaft with a buttery leather handle. $149 / www.davekny.com

The Roman-style border on this Oertel model (bottom) is not printed on but woven into the canopy fabric, which is just one of the details that make it more elegant than your average drugstore rain cover. Others include a malacca cane handle and bend-proof steel shaft. $166 / www.european-umbrellas.com

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