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Take Five

In a world where futuristic spa treatments push the boundaries of length and complexity, many spas are doubling down on the restorative power of simple physical pleasures — gorgeous vistas, soothing sounds, rich flavors, intoxicating scents and a healing touch — allowing us the chance to return to our senses


Three spas spice up their treatments with over-the-top aromatherapy

Relaxation is right under your nose at Milton, N.Y.’s Buttermilk Falls Inn and Spa, whose fields and gardens provide the sweetly fragrant herbs for its lavender-honey massage (pictured) and other limited-edition body treatments. Though the lineup changes with each harvest, you’re bound to discover, er, perennial favorites. (60 min., $130)

Beginning as it does with a bath of ginger, mandarin and frankincense, the Hu-Tieh Quan body treatment at the Mandarin Oriental Paris is so heady with exotic spices you might not even notice the deft scalp and full-body massage work during this nearly three-hour session. But trust us, your muscles will. (170 min., $639)

At the Spa at Mohonk Mountain House in New Paltz, N.Y., the Mohonk Red Massage blends Swedish, Hawaiian and Thai bodywork. Yet its most memorable — and pungent — touch is locally inspired: a power nap amid warm towels infused with pure “Mohonk Red” witch hazel, which grows on the property. (80 min., $185)

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