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Take Five

In a world where futuristic spa treatments push the boundaries of length and complexity, many spas are doubling down on the restorative power of simple physical pleasures — gorgeous vistas, soothing sounds, rich flavors, intoxicating scents and a healing touch — allowing us the chance to return to our senses


Spas up the relaxation factor with sparkling gems, colored lights and dazzling views

Can’t decide whether to buy jewelry or a spa treatment for your valentine? Consider the Gemstone Energy Massage at Sage Springs Spa in Sunriver, Ore.: It uses Isun oils in the colors of rose quartz, garnet and amethyst (and containing bits of the actual gems) to enhance the soothing strokes. (80 min., $185)

If gemstones aren’t enough to satisfy your craving for color, the Aura-Soma Synergy treatment at Qua Baths & Spa at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas can help. Choose a colored bottle that represents you, and the therapist will use it to coordinate a massage with glowing light and aromatherapy. (75 min., $210)

Lights and gemstones are great, but when it comes to visual delights, nothing beats a vista. The Oberoi Spa at Wildflower Hall (pictured) in Shimla, India, offers treatment rooms, a relaxation area and a pool with a view from 8,250 feet up in the Himalayas. For peak relaxation, try the Oberoi Therapy massage. (90 min., $120)

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