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Look, Sharp!

Grooming essentials with plenty of face value

Author Jacqueline Detwiler Photography Lisa Shin

Just bought an extravagant new razor? Better upgrade your accessories

1. Whether you prefer pre-shave oil or glycerin-based cream, you can benefit from the 207 years that Truefitt & Hill — which started out as a gentlemen’s barbershop in London — has spent tending to unsightly stubble. Oil, $30; cream, $30 / www.truefittandhill.com

2. After blueprinting the Rolls-Royce Phantom, designer Marek Djordjevic turned around and created Twinluxe’s sleek chrome shave brush, which you can actually buy without a second mortgage. What a nice guy. $268 / www.twinluxe.com

3. This shaving soap from The Art of Shaving is like the perfect offspring of canned shave cream and a bar of soap — it’s not messy, and it contains emollients like glycerin and coconut oil. And how manly is that teakwood bowl? $45 / www.theartofshaving.com

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