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Cameras and accessories for all types of shutterbugs

Author Jacqueline Detwiler Photography Dan McCoy

A tiny lens case and straps that won’t put a crimp in your neck … or your look

1 There’s just one problem with Lomography’s cameras: They come with about the most losable lenses on the planet. Perhaps that’s why the company thought up this chic leather carrying case (top left) that you can attach to a strap. Now you know your lenses are safe. But … where did you put your camera? $30 / www.lomography.com

2 For the longest time, the purpose of the neck strap was to keep you from dropping your camera. But thanks to the latest advances in photography accessories, today it can also hold up your personal aesthetic. Behold: the stylist, styled. (Pictured, from top: Riley G Designworks’ “The Jersey Brown,” $48, and “Grandma’s Green Couch,” $74; My Funky Camera’s “Gold Faux Python,” $32; Porteen Gear’s “Brown and Blue Leather and Suede,” $45; and Photojojo’s “Tokyo Dreamer,” $20)

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