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Cameras and accessories for all types of shutterbugs

Author Jacqueline Detwiler Photography Dan McCoy

One souped-up new DSLR tries on a trio of camera bags

1 Nikon’s D5100 (top right) builds on 2009’s D5000, adding an effects mode and four megapixels of image quality (for a total of 16.2). Basically, if you can’t make pretty pictures with this beauty, you might as well call it a day. $850 / www.nikonusa.com

2 Even if you don’t have a safari scheduled anytime soon, Billingham’s F/stop 1.4 bag (middle right) is rugged enough for whatever you are planning. Go ahead and take it to that trampoline play date at the Jones kid’s house, we dare you. $240 / www.billingham.co.uk

3 Despite its modest size, Jill-E’s classic leather bag (lower right)  can fit an SLR camera, two lenses (or one telephoto lens), extra batteries and a whole bunch of memory cards. Hold off on the floor lamp, though — this isn’t Mary Poppins. $170 / www.jill-e.com

4 Having pioneered low-fi photography long before Instagram appeared on the scene, Lomography is a known arbiter of cool. Its Sidekick (left) splits into two separate bags, looks great and can withstand a full-on rainstorm. $59 / www.lomography.com

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