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Merry Makers

Four top toques (and one ace bartender) from across the U.S. update some holiday classics: turkey and stuffing, oysters, a roast, pie and cider

From James Beard Award–winning chef Ken Oringer of Clio, Boston

¼ c. fresh cranberries
6 tbsp. white wine vinegar
12 oysters, shucked (Oringer prefers Kumamoto, but any fresh oysters will do)
1 cucumber
1 tsp. salt
Chopped chives (for garnish)
Mustard seeds (for garnish)

One day before serving, cover the cranberries with the white wine vinegar and let sit overnight.

A few hours before serving, purée the cucumber and salt in a food processor until you have a liquid. Strain through a coffee filter, then discard the purée and keep the cucumber water.

Strain the cranberries and keep the liquid, called verjus. To serve, drizzle each oyster with cranberry verjus and cucumber water, and garnish with chopped chives and mustard seeds.

One Response to “Merry Makers”

  1. Jennifer Says:
    December 16th, 2011 at 9:50 pm

    Thank you for posting this delicious looking recipe online! I’m a business traveler and forgot to take a Hemisphere magazine when I saw this recipe and won’t be traveling until next year.

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