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Preferential Treatments

These hotel spas have exactly what you need to relax


Spas don’t get any greener than the one at this rainforest resort

Green and local have been the buzzwords in spa treatments for years, but there’s a difference between, say, using local sea salt in a scrub and designing an entire menu of treatments with rainforest-friendly products and the approval of indigenous Kuku Yalanji elders. In addition to accommodations in one of 15 bayans deep in the world’s oldest living rainforest, and dinner at an award-winning “Australian tropical” restaurant, the resort offers a signature treatment that involves drizzling spagoers with oil, rubbing them with desert salt, wrapping them in mud and, finally, rinsing them off with water from the lodge’s waterfall, a sacred Kuku Yalanji healing site. www.daintree-ecolodge.com.au

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