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Freeze Frame

Ski and snowboard gear to keep you looking sharp on the slopes

Author Jacqueline Detwiler

On the Double
Skis, poles and gloves to make your day on the mountain twice as nice

1 If you’re gonna go big — backcountry, steep-faced, mountains-of-powder big — you’re gonna want Fischer Watea 101 skis. They feature powder hulls and rocker technology, which puts more of your skis in contact with the snow when you initiate a turn. Plus, the art makes the tips look snow-covered. Consider that a plea to the weather gods. $850 / www.fischersports.com

2 Skiers who get all Gertrude Stein about poles (a pole is a pole is a pole), take note: K2’s Lockjaw Carbon/Carbon poles are lightweight, can measure slope angle and snow depth, have a comfortable curved handle and are adjustable even when you’re wearing gloves. $180 / www.k2skis.com

3 When it comes to skiing, newer is always better … except when it isn’t. Hestra has been crafting triple-layer insulated, goat leather gloves since 1936, and they still offer unmatched warmth and comfort. When it comes to cold weather, you can always trust the Swedes. $155 / www.hestragloves.com

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