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Chilean wine’s big comeback; Jean-Georges Vongerichten’s fresh Bahama catch; freerunners land a home in L.A.; taking a walk high above Vancouver

Look Out Below

Canucks keep an eye on the sky

Jared Martin climbs into the trees each morning in the green hills above Vancouver, where he oversees an attraction that is both the city’s oldest and its newest: an 1889 suspension bridge 300 feet above the bottom of a canyon carved by the Capilano River, alongside an even more impressive glass-bottomed walkway held in place by cables bolted to the 160 million-year-old granite rock face.

The exhilarating new draw, Cliffwalk, which opened for a test run this past summer, is a 700-foot maze of suspended stairs, decks and 20-inch-wide bridges hanging 30 stories over this West Coast rainforest on a cliff so steep its builders had to include a special platform near the start for stricken visitors who want to turn back. With eagles wheeling above and salmon swimming in the rapids below, Cliffwalk “gives you that extra sense of awe and fascination,” Martin says. Though bouncing is verboten, the concept is a nod to a video-game generation that expects additional adrenaline in its nature walks. “At the exit, all I hear is ‘Wow.’ People don’t stop to smell the flowers so much anymore — or, in this case, the trees. And that’s what we’re trying to give them an opportunity to do: tap back into nature.”

Cliffwalk is open year-round, but it’s at its most intimate early in the morning and during the off season, especially in December, when its living Christmas trees are decorated for the holidays. As for Martin, he goes there every day. “My office is the forest,” he says. “I can’t really complain.” — JON MARCUS

Opens September 15
BERLIN • If Buckminster Fuller designed bounce castles, they might look something like Tomas Saraceno’s installations on display at the Hamburger Bahnhof Museum. www.hamburgerbahnhof.de

September 23-24
SEOUL • The beat goes on at the Seoul Drum Festival, a massive celebration of all things percussive, featuring team and solo performances, a market and a parade. www.seouldrum.go.kr

September 29- November 5
NEW YORK • NYC’s favorite haunted house returns with a fairy tale theme. Don’t let that fool you; it’ll be terrifying. www.hauntedhousenyc.com

October 6-9
ATLANTA • Catch rap supergroup Random Axe as well as local up-and-comers like Aleon Craft at the A3C Hip Hop Festival, the largest such event in the Southeast. www.a3cfestival.com

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