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Ten Million Mile Man

One very frequent flyer celebrates an impressive milestone.

LAST MONTH, United’s most frequent flyer, Tom Stuker, reached an incredible milestone by becoming the first United traveler ever to fly 10 million miles. To celebrate this achievement, this megamiler joined United employees who have worked with him over the years, his immediate family, friends and United executives at a special event held at Chicago O’Hare International Airport.

Based in Chicago, Stuker joined the MileagePlus program in 1982. He flew 5,962 United flights to reach 10 million miles, racking up most of his miles on trips to Asia and Australia in his role as an automotive sales consultant.

He has been to all 50 states (including Hawaii on 70 occasions), Australia more than 200 times and Asia nearly 30 times, for both business and pleasure. Despite covering all that territory, there are still places Stuker hasn’t visited. He has never been to Scotland, Portugal, Mumbai or a handful of islands in the Caribbean. Now, however, thanks to the merger between United and Continental, he can fly nonstop from New York to these destinations and many, many more.

United has been honored to have Tom Stuker fly with us throughout the years. In a lot of ways, he’s more than just a customer — he’s family, and United appreciates his loyalty.

Stuker says flying 10 million miles has allowed him to collect just as many great memories, smiles, experiences and new relationships along the way. He credits the thousands of people at United who have made flying all those miles such a wonderful experience.


With Captain Mike Bowers

Q: Why do some planes have the tips of their wings turned up?

A: The turned-up wings you see have “winglets” attached to the end. They reduce aerodynamic drag to improve the fuel efficiency of the aircraft and extend the distance it can fly. Today, more than 300 aircraft in our mainline fleet are equipped with this feature, including our Boeing 737, Boeing 757 and Airbus aircraft. United recently ordered winglets for our Boeing 767 fleet and plans to begin installing them early next year. In addition to improving fuel efficiency, winglets deliver up to a five percent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and noise.

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