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Smooth Operator

Author Jacqueline Detwiler

Sitting Pretty
Stylish chairs make your yard look good

1 Positioned above the ground, right around table level, hammocks approach the intersection of heaven and earth in a way no other seat can quite manage. Do the form justice with the self-supported SURF model from Royal Botania. It’s as much swing as it is chair, and, best of all, it’s big enough for two. $8,850 / www.royalbotania.com

2 Ever take a resort vacation and spend more time staring at the deck furniture than at the view? Zuo has constructed this curvaceous chaise with a removable canopy so you can install the soothing vacation vibe in your own backyard. Now, if you could just get more time off… $1,770 / www.zuomod.com

3 Modani’s catalog of sleek outdoor seating arrangements looks like something you might find in Fellini’s apartment. You could spend thousands assembling an outdoor living room, or keep it simple with a single, eye-popping piece. We suggest this looker. $390 / www.modani.com

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