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The Goods


Space Invader
Hard-to-find stars can’t hide from Orion’s preprogrammed SkyView Pro

Like to peer into the inky void of space but got an F in astronomy? Relax. Orion’s SkyView Pro 100ED telescope has 42,900 celestial objects preprogrammed into its computer, so even the most star-challenged wannabe nerd can navigate the ether like Mr. Spock. We’ll bet any intelligent lifeforms are installing curtains right about now. $1,650 / www.telescope.com

Make It Snappy
Three retro-futuristic digital cameras

Fujifilm Finepix X100

Billed as “the professional’s choice,” the X100 has photographers going gaga for its retro look and its hybrid optical and electronic viewfinder, not to mention dials for aperture, shutter speed and exposure compensation. Now if we can just get ours back from the assistant art director, we can actually test it out. $1,200 / www.finepix-x100.com

Leica MP à la carte

With the M7 and MP classic models, Leica already had a nearly perfect camera, but its new à la carte program lets users customize the color, leather finish and controls for easier picture-taking. Special bonus: personal engraving. $4,995 / www.leica.com

Olympus PEN E-PL2

Torn between DSLR and pointand-shoot? The PEN E-PL2 off ers both. Equipped with a zoom lens that shoots both movies and stills, with art filter enhancements and 6400 ISO, this baby is still small enough to fit in your purse. $600 / www.olympusamerica.com

A Strong Finish
For summer shades, bold is the new black

1 Named for the original owner of a collection of vintage Hollywood glasses, Oliver Peoples specializes in glitz and glamour. Their shiny, olive acetate Altman glasses bring a bit of drama to the military look. $310 / www.oliverpeoples.com

2 These futuristic ma e silver Stella McCartneys, known as “3006,” are the kind of aviators you might expect people to wear in the year 3006. We recommend you wear them now, before the robot overlords outlaw them. $250 / www.sunglasshut.com

3 Dolce & Gabbana made their name by adapting the lush looks of Italian cinema to high-profile fashion shows. Their Animaliers elevate the animal print by casting it in bright colors (and delivering it in small doses). $260 / www.sunglasshut.com

4 Robert Marc is known for mixing antique frame shapes and new finishes, to sublime effect. This pair matches the very modern tortoiseshell trend with a throwback Risky Business frame. Now, if you could just find that matching Porsche… $425 / www.robertmarc.com

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