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The Places I Go: Bridget Moynahan

The hardworking star of CBS’s blue bloods never stops moving, even on vacation. // By Jacqueline Detwiler


“I don’t really have a standard New Year’s Eve thing, but this year my boyfriend, McG, and I got in a little bit of ski and sun. We spent a couple days on the slopes in Mammoth, California, then flew to Anguilla. We stayed at the Viceroy hotel there, which is unbelievably chic, but I’m not somebody who can just lie in the sun all day—in fact, I didn’t do that once. I was always trying to do something. We played tennis every single day and golfed next door at Temenos Golf Course.

“That was my first time playing since I had a kid, so I was a little rusty, but I’m not a stressed-out golfer. If my drive goes wild, I don’t mind teeing up another one. There were rain showers and rainbows and wild dogs running on the course. We didn’t take it that seriously.

“For dinner, we went to Trattoria Tramonto, this little Italian restaurant right on the beach that has been there forever. It’s a romantic, unassuming spot, and it was just wonderful to be on the ocean. It couldn’t have been more perfect.

“I’m not sure where we’ll go next year, but I got a really sexy pair of skis for Christmas…”

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