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Who’s sitting next to you?


Photography Sasha Nialla

WHO EMILY JOSEPH / 19 / Student

WHY I’M TRAVELING I’m flying to San Francisco for a family reunion. I travel all the time to see my family in North Carolina, Florida, California and Kentucky.

MY FAVORITE PLACE Is Yosemite National Park.
I love going on eighteen- hour hikes there with my photo equipment.

HOW I FLY I love to read. I’ve got two books for this trip: Death Masks and The Wizard Heir. I finished one on the way here.

One Response to “In Transit”

  1. Margot Joseph Haddad Says:
    December 2nd, 2010 at 5:20 am

    Dear Miss Emily–You forgot about Walla Walla, Washington and Cleveland, Ohio! Wouldn’t THAT have been even more interesting than you already are? Darling, brilliant, loving, smart niece!

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