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The Places I Go: Sandra Lee

The food network star gets a taste of the good life in St. Tropez.

Photography Melanie Dunea/CPI Syndication

Image – Melanie Dunea/CPI Syndication

“I’ve been going to St. Tropez almost every summer for twelve years, and I love it. I just got back, and it was sad to leave. This time around, I stayed at Villa Belrose, which has a fancy, Michelin-starred restaurant and this amazing selection of cheeses. But I think La Bastide is the most beautiful hotel. It’s more country and quiet.

“As a food person, I like to go to little hole-in- the-wall French restaurants. The fruits and vegetables taste totally different there because they’re all vine- ripened. All of the cafés make wonderful fried zucchini blossoms, and you always drink rosé, even in the evening.

“Overall, St. Tropez has magnificent food, spectacular scenery, incredible shopping. It’s a vacation of ease and rejuvenation, from the beach clubs to the restaurants and even the drive into the village. It’s a really special place.”

Sandra Lee’s Best of Semi- Homemade cookbook comes out this month.

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