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The Places I Go: Sirena Huang

The 16-year-old violin prodigy will never forget her visit to Petra, Jordan.

Photography Sasha Nialla

Image – Sasha Nialla

“I was in Petra about three years ago performing for King Abdullah II at the Petra Conference of Nobel Laureates. I performed inside the city of ruins, which is probably about twenty centuries old, so that was really amazing. You can ride camels down into it to explore and learn about the place. After the concert, I got the opportunity to meet the king. He was really nice! I stayed at the Mövenpick Resort, which has all this beautiful, traditional decor. There were also about thirty Nobel laureates staying there for the conference, so I would just go eat in the hotel’s restaurants with all these brilliant people. It was definitely a memorable experience.

“I also really like traveling to Taipei. I’ve been a lot, most recently about a year ago. We went to Five Dime Restaurant, which feels like you’re inside the trunk of a tree. The food was really good—all the food there is really good. One of my favorite things to do is go to the night markets. Everything’s really cheap. I get a lot of my clothes there.”

Sirena Huang will be performing with the Waterbury Symphony Orchestra in Waterbury, Connecticut, in October.

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