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The Places I Go: Deepak Chopra

The self-help master finds inner peace in Goa, India.

Photography David Middleton

“Goa is one of my favorite places to visit. Part of it is still frozen in the sixties, so it’s the hippies and the clubs and the Beatles playing, which is what I grew up with. It’s also very historical. Vasco da Gama went there on a Portuguese expedition in 1498, and the body of St. Francis Xavier was entombed there. So it’s this very surreal mix of time periods, cultures and religions, accented by the fragrance of the atmosphere. It just feels very exotic.

“Whenever I go, I stay at the Taj Fort Aguada Beach Resort. It’s a beautiful five-star hotel that they update every few years. I love it for its majesty. It also serves the best Goa fish curry, which is the local delicacy. If you drive along the shore, you can find all kinds of little stands serving the same dish, but I find the Taj’s to be the best.”

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