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The Places I Go: Thomas Struth

The renowned photographer gets his best shots in Tokyo.

Author Thomas Struth

Image – Thomas Struth

“Many cities are my favorites for different reasons, but Tokyo is at the top of the list. I find it extraordinary how behind the front row of skyscrapers and office buildings, you make two turns and feel like you’re in a very small Japanese village. I’ve actually been there thirteen times since 1986. In terms of food, I love exploring the various small restaurants in Ginza. They don’t have a menu, so you just get the dinner of the evening. To me, not having to choose is the ultimate in luxury.

“I also did one of my favorite shoots in Tokyo at the National Museum of Western Art, which I think has the most exquisitely installed objects of art of any museum I’ve ever been to. When I heard the museum was exhibiting the painting by the French artist Delacroix, La Liberté, I delayed my flight out of Tokyo and faxed the Louvre for permission to shoot it—it’s their painting. It turned out to be well worth the trouble. The gallery was filled up like a movie theater for this one painting, and the photo was like a film still from a dream.”

Struth’s work is on display at New York’s Marian Goodman Gallery from May 5 to June 19.

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