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The Places I Go: P.D. James


“I’VE TRAVELED TO so many different countries promoting my books, but the place I’ve felt most at home is America, and my favorite city there is Boston. It’s a very English city, and that’s such a funny thing to say, because we don’t travel to other places to find more Englishness! But there’s so much history there, and I loved the architecture. There’s something very special about Boston. It combines all the activity of a big city with a kind of intellectual peace.

“I was there for three months teaching creative writing at Boston University. I really enjoyed the historic sites such as the Paul Revere House and the State Capitol. It’s a very walkable city. I remember going across the bridge to Harvard University, which is a very attractive campus. And we went down to Cape Cod and visited Nantucket, where the houses have widow’s walks around them. It’s just lovely.”

P.D. James’ latest book, Talking About Detective Fiction, will be released this month.

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