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 the Tote

This fashionista has charitable giving in the bag.

Author Layla Schlack Photography Joseph Montezinos / Icon International

Name • Lauren Bush, 25

Mission • Ending world hunger.

In 2007, the model and presidential niece launched the FEED 1 Bag—a simple cotton and burlap sack—to raise money for the United Nations World Food Programme. (Each bag sold feeds one student for an entire school year.) This month, she’s launching three new products. The FEED 2 Kenya Bag—a more stylish model of the original, available at Bergdorf Goodman and feedprojects.org—feeds two children in Kenya for a school year. The FEED Health/MV Backpack (sold at Kenneth Cole) is made of recycled plastic nylon. For every backpack sold, another loaded with supplies goes to a Millennium Village community health worker in Uganda. Next up: the FEED/READ 3 Bag, at Barnes and Noble. “It’s in time for back-to-school,” Bush says. “We’re supporting the U.N. World Food Programme and Room to Read. For each bag you buy, three children get lunch and a local language textbook.”

Motivation • Serving as a U.N. World Food Programme ambassador while a student at Princeton, Bush went on a trip to Guatemala. “I live in New York, so it was only a few hours away, but there was so much malnutrition,” she says. “What I was really moved by was seeing these kids helped by the World Food Programme.” And why the bag? “It’s a real, measurable, tangible contribution,” she says, adding, “Not everyone can cut a huge check, but most of us can buy a bag here and there.”

And in her spare time? • She works on her clothing line, Lauren Pierce, and hangs out with B.F.F. Elizabeth Berkley 
of Saved by the Bell fame.

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