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Who’s sitting next to you?


Photography Spencer Heyfron

WHO AMOS HILL 41 / Online Grocery Delivery Driver; AVRIEL HILL 4½ / Cute kid

WHY I’M TRAVELING / I’m going home to L.A. I was supposed to start a new job yesterday but I missed my flight back when my rental van broke down coming back from my mom’s 82nd birthday. I’m not worried about it though. I’m a good talker. I’ll tell them “I’m a good son, so obviously I’ll be a good employee.”

WHEN I ENCOUNTER A CHATTY SEATMATE / I am the chatty seatmate! I love people and I love talking. It’s funny though. I actually don’t end up talking much myself. I let other people talk and I give bits and pieces of advice. I’m a pretty good listener even though I’m such a chatterbox.

ONE THING I CAN’T LEAVE HOME WITHOUT / My camera. I have 13 siblings, and we’re always taking pictures. There were at least 375 people at my mom’s party including kids and grandkids. At something like that, you’ve got to take a lot of pictures.

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