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The Places I Go: Gwen Stefani


“WE GO TO PALM SPRINGS every year. To be honest, I didn’t want to the first time. But my husband, Gavin, loves tennis and plays in a tournament, so I said okay. Now, I think it’s really fun. We never had anything annual before, so this has become our family tradition. My mom and dad come out, and the whole gang. It’s pretty cool—just very slow and relaxing. Really perfect for us.

“Palm Springs is basically like a gigantic strip mall, but there’s something about the weather. It’s very clear and hot, but it’s a dry heat. And it’s really beautiful at night. The stars are amazing, and there are these big huge mountains that come out of nowhere.

It’s pretty. There’s just a great feeling to the place.

I still don’t play golf or tennis, but I always look forward to going back.”

GWEN STEFANI is currently on a 45-city tour of the U.S. with No Doubt.

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