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Who’s sitting next to you?


Photography Spencer Heyfron


WHY I’M TRAVELING I’m headed to Chicago, then Quebec City, then Montreal, then DC, then Charlotte and then back to Seattle. My company makes applications for MRIs and cat scans and I like to meet my clients in person. There’s nothing better for a business deal than a handshake.

PRE-FLIGHT RITUAL I run through a written checklist with about 10 items on it to make sure I haven’t forgotten anything. Things like shirts, socks, promotional materials and collar stays. They’re number one. I always forget those.

IN-FLIGHT ENTERTAINMENT Channel 9 is probably the reason I choose to fly United when I first started for my business. I worked as a life flight medic for ten years and I love how Channel 9 helps you keep track of what’s going on.

One Response to “In Transit”

  1. Edgar Says:
    June 27th, 2009 at 4:19 pm

    I would have enjoyed channel 9, too. However, it appears the captain deactivated it for our flights 1 & 2 ORD-HNL-ORD