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A Traveler’s Calendar

Events May, June, July and August 2009


13 Picture This

The New York Photo Festival takes aim and celebrates photography with splashes of color.

WITH THE ADVENT OF DIGITAL CAMERAS, camera phones and even camera watches, pictures are literally all around you. Problem is, from Facebook to Flickr, the vast majority tend to be downright awful. Enter the New York Photo Festival. In only its second year, NYPH is bringing together a team of renowned curators to put on a show that will remind people there’s more to photography than saying cheese. Through May 17.



14 Hong Kong Art Fair

In only its second year, the Hong Kong International Art Fair has become Asia’s most important art event, with more than 100 galleries from 25 countries showing off their work. Through May 17 at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. Tel: 852-2918-8793 or


8 Lilac Festival

With more than a thousand lilac bushes on its 22 acres, Highland Park, designed by legendary landscaper Frederick Law Olmstead, is an easy place to get lost, which might actually be pretty pleasant. Through May 17.


9 Toronto Comic Arts Festival

Learn the difference between graphic novels and comic books in the city with the second most comic book–stores per capita in North America. Really. Through May 10 at the Toronto Reference Library. Tel: 416-533-9168 or


9 Zompire: The Undead Film Festival

Which are scarier, zombies or vampires? At Zompire, where movies like Cemetery Man and Let’s Scare Jessica to Death will be screened, you can get freaked out by both. Through May 10 at the Hollywood Theatre.


16 Blue Crab Festival

A blue crab is a feisty little crustacean with a tasty interior. Now that you know what they are, scurry down to this festival just outside of Wilmington and eat a few dozen. Through May 17 at the Little River Waterfront.


21 Hay Festival

This hay is emphatically not for horses. Instead, it brings together writers, comedians and musicians with “the capacity to change our lives.” No wonder Bill Clinton called it “the Woodstock of the mind.” Through May 31 at Brecon Beacons National Park. Tel: 44-87-0787-2848 or


21 Art-Athina

Join critics, collectors and gyro vendors to pick up a few paintings (and a tan) at the 15th annual Art-Athina, a modern art festival in one of the world’s most ancient cities. Through May 24 at the Faliro Pavilion. Tel: 30-210-330-3533 or


22 Desert Rocks

What better way to spend Memorial Day weekend than camped out in the middle of a picturesque desert with a mass of jam band–loving hippies? Don’t miss the fire dancers. They’re hot. Through May 24. Tel: 801-414-5595 or


23 Austin Wine Festival

Discover the burgeoning world of Lonestar wine at this festival of spirits from Texas and only Texas. The vintages go perfectly with a slab of ribs and a side of blues guitar. Through May 25 at The Domain.


23 Sasquatch Music Festival

Outside of Seattle, deep in the woods of George, Washington (not a typo!), there’s a rock festival that attracts bands and fans as hairy as the mythical creature the celebration is named after. Through May 25 at the Gorge.



22 Wimbledon

Bring out the white duds and mini- binoculars: It’s time for Wimbledon, the most storied tennis tournament in the world. And please remember to clap quietly; this is a gentleman’s sport. Through July 5 at the All England Lawn Tennis Club. Tel: 44-20-8944-1066 or


10 World Science Festival

Nothing gets a scientist’s neurons firing like a good old-fashioned science fair, with all the Bunsen burners, electrodes and blue ribbons one could hope for. Be sure to bring your pocket protector! Through June 14.


14 Ride The Rockies

In its 24th year, this bike ride will take 2,000 cyclists 380 miles up and down the Rockies’ scenic mountain passes, reaching peaks as high as 12,000 feet. Through June 19 at Glenwood Springs Loop. Tel: 303-954-6700 or


22 Melbourne International Animation Festival

There’s no way you’ll be able to catch all 400 films at this weeklong animation festival, but the ones you do see are certain to make you smile. Through June 28. Tel: 61-3-9375-1490 or



10 Singing Sticks Festival

Learn to love Australia’s eye-glazing wind instrument, the didgeridoo, a long, hollowed-out stick made from a Eucalyptus tree that produces a hypnotic drone. Through July 12 in Northamptonshire.


16 Tall Ships Nova Scotia Festival

After this festival, you’ll be lecturing your friends on the difference between a schooner and a brigantine, which is nothing like a brig or barkentine. Through August 1. Tel: 902-405-7700 or


17 Pitchfork Music Festival

Leave your farm implements at home. This three-day festival of punk, indie rock and hip-hop is for skinny tattooed kids, not brawny hay bailers. Through July 19 at Union Park.



14 Alpine Beard Festival

When you live in the mountains there are two reasons to forswear the razor: to keep warm in the winter and to participate in beard beauty contests, like this one, in the summer. Through August 16 in Chur.


22 BrickFair LEGO Fan Festival

If you thought LEGOs were kid stuff, BrickFair will change your mind, as hundreds of AFOLs (adult fans of LEGOs) show off their MOCs (my own creations). Through August 23 at the Sheraton Premiere in Tysons Corner, Virginia.


28 We Believe In Some Thing

This exhibit of Roxanne Jackson’s creepy sculptural installations explores the fascinating idea of human metamorphisis. Your kids will love it. Through November 1 at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts. Tel: 888-642-2787 or


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